Mother of the Moon, The Silver Wolf
Greater Deity
Symbol: A sun eclipsed by the moon
Alignment: NE
Portfolio: Revenge, Suffering, Trickery
Worshipers: The wronged, the downtrodden, those who seek vengeance
Cleric Alignment: Any evil
Domains: Hatred, Suffering, Trickery, Moon
Favored Weapon: Bite(Dagger)

A great believer in the phrase “Don’t get mad, get even!”, even more so if she doesn’t get caught. Calistrae believes that any wrong inflicted upon her should be re-payed many times over. She is also of the opinion that death is an easy release from the well deserved suffering and cautions her followers against the momentary pleasure of a vengeful killing in favor of a more lingering punishment.

Clergy and Temples
Calistrae’s followers are expected to encourage vindictive behavior, and many travel to areas ravaged by war and famine, pointing out a target for the victims’ rage. They also use these excursions as an opportunity to recruit some of the more promising refugees as followers. As many of the best, lingering vengeful acts are done in secrecy, Rogues are common among her clergy.

The attire of her clergy varies greatly depending on their surroundings; always wanting to appear as the saviors of helpless victims or the victims themselves.

Her only holy days are during the solar eclipse when the moon has her vengeance upon the sun for his domination of the skies. She even uses her divine power to extend the eclipse and block the sun’s light for a full day.

Calistrae was once a simple village girl waiting to marry her childhood love. He, along with her entire village was taken from her by a corrupt and greedy emperor just a scant month before her wedding. She spent the next three years planning, learning, and preparing before turning up at the imperial court at the age of seventeen. She managed to get noticed by the emperor and was selected to be his fifty-second concubine. In no more than a year, she became his favorite and ended his life. She had achieved her revenge, but felt empty and depressed. The court magi and adviser to the imperial family found her, still staring at the still face of her enemy. Acting as regent for the four year old heir, the magi had her branded with the blazing sun, symbol of the empire, and banished her with a curse. In the impure light of the moon, she was made to run the night as a mindless beast. Twenty years later, her story dwindled to legend, but the hatred and pain still burned within her. She had gained some minor control and knowledge of the curse and returned, with the sign of the eclipse, to pass it on to the imperial line. From there, the curse spread until the whole country was no more. This single act of extreme evil empowered her beyond any magic she had ever known, and she cast aside her mortal shell. She spent the next fifteen centuries finding her kin in vengeance and suffering and granting them the power to achieve their ends. It was after this great length of time that she noticed a pure new world, untouched by greed, cruelty, and suffering. She decided then, to go to this new world and make it a place of peace and tranquility. Leaving her chosen behind to continue her current works, she departed and looked in wonder at this point of peace among various cruel worlds.



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