I am going to try a game of Dawn of Worlds here in forum format. The rules can be found here.
I will be searching for 10 or so players to join me as the gods of the world.

Feel free to comment on what you think of the progress.
All of the gameplay takes place in the forums.

The Wiki tab will have the rules for the game, The deities should be created under the characters tab. Any other pertinent information such as orders, races, landforms, etc. should be under the items tab. Check the forums for the actual creation process as well as communication between the gods.

Ready to begin? Start here.

If you are interested in helping out, just send me a message here on Obsidian Portal, just keep in mind I have a slots reserved for friends until they either accept or decline the offer.

The Map got squished in the map tab, so I will be uploading links to an outside site.

Giant in the Playground invite page

Link to Map

Wytwyld's Dawn of Worlds Experiment

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