Rules Summary

I have made a few minor changes to the rules. The complete with addendum is listed below.

I will provide a basic map with the basic outlines of the continents and oceans lined out. (map completed, just need to scan, add the hexes, and upload.) Players will then use their deific powers to seed the world with terrain and life. The basic outlines can be changed, so don’t feel trapped by the bounds of the map. I will update and re-post the map after each turn.

The game is broken into 3 eras. the 1st age of creation, the 2nd age of mortals, and the 3rd modern age. Various powers cost different amount of points depending on which era the game is in at the time.

If a player fails to reply to the forum with their changes by the deadline, they will loose half of their accumulated power (rounded up) and skip that turn. If a player is skipped three turns in a row without alerting everyone else in advance, they will be assumed to have abandoned the world and a new deity may be invited.

Each era will be comprised of a number of turns. after the 10th turn in each era, players vote on whether or not to advance to the next era. In the event of a tie, the era continues. Each turn represents a number of years. Each turn in the 1st ear is 500 years, 2nd era is 100 years, and 3rd era is 5 years.

Players will begin with 3 + 4d4 points to spend. At the beginning of each turn, the players gain an additional 4d4 points plus a cumulative +1 bonus for each consecutive past turn their point reserves fell below 5 to a maximum of +4.

1 hex is 100 miles. I know that makes the world a little small, but any larger would be too much of a project. Also any editing to a hex may also alter any adjacent hex that has only a small amount of what you are editing in it.

Conflict This section is detailed separately.

Alignment: [x,y] x is the law/chaos axis and y is the good evil axis. 0 is neutral while -10 is extreme evil or chaos and 10 is extreme good or law.

Power 1st Age 2nd Age 3rd Age
Shape Land 3 per hex 5 per hex 8 per hex
Shape Climate 2 per hex 4 per hex 6 per hex
Create Race 22 6 15
Create Subrace 12 4 10
Command Race** 8 4 3
Command City** 6 4 2
Advance Civilization 10 5 6
Advance City 8 4 5
Purify Civilization +1 Alignment* 5 3 4
Corrupt Civilization -1 Alignment* 4 3 3
Purify City +1 Alignment* 4 3 3
Corrupt City -1 Alignment* 3 2 2
Event 10 7 9
Create Order 8 6 4
Command Order 4 3 2
Create Avatar 10 7 8
Command Avatar 2 1 1
Catastrophe 10 per hex 10 per hex 10 per hex

_* Only once per target per turn
_** Player must have either an avatar among that race or an order present in that race.

Rules Summary

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