Creating the gods

Each player will need to fill out a deific profile before the creation can begin.
The template needs to be set up as follows and should be saved here:

Deity Name
titles (these may develop over the game)
Greater Deity All players will be greater deities
Symbol: discription of the symbol. it may change over the course of the game.
Alignment: LG, NG, CG, LN, N, CN, LE, NE, or CE
Portfolio: What the god has dominion over. May change during game play.
Worshipers: the types of people the god draws to their cause
Cleric Alignment: Alignments the god allows as clerics.
Domains: The clerical domains the god grants to its clerics. These may change over the course of the game.
Favored Weapon: Weapon proficiency granted to all clerics, also a signature of the deity.

This is how the deity views and interacts with the world.

Clergy and Temples
This is what the deity expects of their clergy and rules for the holy cites.

This is the deity’s past and how they came to the current world.

Creating the gods

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