The Acharné

The Mouse-folk of the North


The acharné take the shape of large, intelligent mice. The acharné are smaller than most races at around 3′5″, created as such to force them to be resourceful, not depending on basic physical strength for their prowess. They have fur of normal colour for mice, relatively sharp claws, and large, sensitive ears that allow them to hear faraway sounds and higher frequencies. They walk as much on two legs as they do on all fours. Males and females are roughly the same in appearance, height and social standing. All acharné have long, naked tails that are used for balance. They tend to wear clothes despite their animal-like appearance and fur, to show their devotion to order and civilization.

Acharné tend to live in organised, sedentary societies. Acharné civilizations are almost invariably agricultural and heavily integrated. Acharné can be very timid and prefer lives of peace and comfort to acts of great heroism, though they meet whatever challenges they must with zeal.

Acharné are otherwise a balanced people with varied potential and tend to excel in whatever path they choose in life. All Acharné have the ability to use magic, but only by harnessing the power of The Sun. If they have turned their back on the The Sun, whether they think they have or not, they lose all magical ability.


In the year 2500, The Sun witnessed the chaos in the south and became frightened of it. The swamps of Fervus were an obvious threat to order, and while most other deities seemed fairly tame at this point, there is no security in that notion. The Sun commanded Solstice to create a new race of creatures, the acharné. They were created to be a determined people who never back down in the face of death, faithful guardians of order. The acharné were created on the banks of The Sun’s rivers, an excellent place for a civilization to grow.

The Acharné

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