Fervus’s Precious Mushroom

Fervus's Avatar


Fervus’s needed another being to help her keep peace form the world. Just as Fervus was born from being plucked form the earth, so was her avatar.

The mushroom rises to the skies and with its vast cap shades everything below it for miles. No sunlight was going to let anything grow in Fervus’s swamp. Fervus’s Precious Mushroom floats the skies of her swamps and with its dozens of tendril emanating from its stalk, the mushroom uses it’s many hands to push and pull the swamp into place. Planting mushrooms, burying flowers and, rearranging the many statues in order to give a fair warning to anything trying to disturb the peace of the swamp.


Fervus’s Precious Mushroom

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