Avatar of Majorian


Bulwark, “Majorians Flame” and “Fire of the Mountain” was created by Majorian to be the god’s avatar on the world. Majorian had no desire to control a mindless, and worse yet ambition-less, puppet and as such he bestowed Bulwark with his own ability to choose. Majorian quickly secured Bulwark’s loyalty by giving him mortal dominion over his lands, an offer that Bulwarks already ambitious and greedy nature found irresistible.

Even now Bulwark can be seen upon the mountain looking out upon the lands he so jealously guards. However it bears asking, would Majorian take such a bold risk as to make it so Bulwark would deny his offer and seek his own path? Or is it more likely that the god set it so that Bulwark would find his offer irresistible so that Bulwark would guard the land of own accord? It is hard to tell, but so are many things when dealing with gods.

Bulwark’s personality quickly was defined by the land in which he was created. He is fiery, hard, and earth shattering when he wishes. Majorian rarely commands Bulwark personally, and often times the actions Bulwark takes are his own, seeking to expand the arm of Majorian so that Bulwark himself may claim greater dominion.


Bulwark was created in the year 12,000 by Majorian, inspired by Zevilasu’s Torch Birds, and was birthed from the fires of the first Volcano.


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