The Bringer of Change


The Bringer of Change
Greater Deity
Symbol: A möbius strip with four loops curved inward.
Alignment: CN
Portfolio: Adaptability, evolution, great change, changing of the seasons.
Worshipers: Any who face uncertain or insurmountable odds, those who wish for change.
Cleric Alignment: Any non-Lawful
Domains: Air, Chaos, Courage, Water, Windstorm
Favored Weapon: Crossbow

Change is what brings out the best in people. Nothing is perfect, and everything must be tested in a variety of ways. There is more than one way to overcome any challenge, and people must always strive to find new and inventive ways to adapt using minimal effort.

Clergy and Temples
Zevilasu shuns the hierarchy of a traditional church. Instead, his followers gather in impromptu meetings and give advice on how to handle various challenges. The clergy wander, never calling any one region, let alone city home. They always seek out new places to experience and broaden their horizons. Wherever they go, they insist on paying for heir keep with healing, teaching, or even manual labor if necessary, and they never accept charity. They serve as arbiters in many disputes, and though their discussions are unorthodox, they can never be said to be unfair.

Whenever a number of his priests gather in one place, the may hold contests of skill in combat, poetry, races, or whatever else they feel the local area needs to improve upon.

Zevilasu was once a young tactician who had developed a method of counters to any conceivable situation. After years of his command keeping his country free from invasion, he came upon a different kind of enemy. This force would send large numbers into impossible situations, only to have them move erratically elsewhere. They constantly changed their targets, even in mid assault. As Zevilasu had grown complacent relying on his old tactics, his forces were decimated and he barely made it out of the battle alive. Tortured by his loss, he began seeking out new challenges that his well laid plans would not be able to accurately counter. He would challenge diviners to games of skill and chance, telepaths as well. Over time, he taught himself to continuously view the situation anew every moment. He would develop new stratagems on the fly, often trusting on luck and not as much certainty in his actions. The next he faced his old enemy, hi applied his new strategy, often confusing his own commanders with the seemingly erratic commands. In the end, his force was victorious, but he fell in the battle. The god of war took him in as one of his generals, but Zevilasu managed to work his way out from under the war god’s power and wndered the void until he found this new world. Growing stronger off the energy the new world was giving off, Zevilasu decided that here he would remain and this world would not become stagnant in the common cycles many other worlds have.



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