The Sun

Lord of the Sky


The Sun
Lord of the Sky
Greater Deity
Symbol: A golden disk
Alignment: LN
Portfolio:: God of the sun, order, prosperity and fire
Worshippers: Holy knights, monks, farmers and lovers of order and stability
Cleric Alignment: LG, G, LN, N
Domains: Sun, Fire, Sky, Pride and Healing
Favored Weapon: Swords, especially rapiers


The Sun believes in order and humility on behalf of his followers. He believes that all should bow to his divine glory, for he shall lead them to greatness. He also believes that those who will not bow to his ideals must be destroyed. He is a peaceful god when he has control, law and order and a wrathful god when the order is upset.

Clergy and Temples
The priests of The Sun, who are said to channel his words, guide the followers in worship in great cathedrals and churches in the hearts of the cities and towns. They offer blessings and healing to any who they judge as followers of The Sun’s ideals, casting off all others.

The holy knights of the Sun meet in secret caves to praise him and conduct councils of war. They seek to further The Sun’s ideals and expand his greatness through any means necessary. The rituals for becoming a knight, however, are ridiculously difficult, requiring absolute devotion and order of spirit. Very few mortals are accepted.

The Sun appeared from eternity at the dawn of the world. In another world, he was a mortal, and a small child at that. Through a spontaneous, unexplainable tear in the folds of logic, he has come to this world, and his essence is anything but mortal here. His childish mind created the persona of The Sun and began to strive to bring order and unity to the fledgling world by any means necessary.

After descending upon the new world, he sought to bring the world closer to his greatness through his creations, and so created a small mountain range on a secluded, northern isle. Its peaks reach up like plants, desperate for The Sun’s glory.

The Sun then decided to bless the land with fertility. He created a great river valley extending from its source in the mountains he created previously to the eastern ocean. To direct the river, he created another small section of mountain to the south.

He elected to begin an expansion of the river valleys he created, in the opposite direction, in order to continue the expansion of his fertile domain.

In the year 2000, The Sun created a childlike avatar for himself known as Solstice, who rests atop the first mountains he created. He looks like a male child, only with unclear features and a golden halo.

In the year 2500, The Sun created the acharné, a race of mouse-people, as defenders of Order.

The Sun

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