Silinrul Vlosdrathir

Father of Curious Discovery


Deity Name: Silinrul

Symbol: Puzzle Box with clockwork mechanisms showing from the inside of a gap in the box itself.

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Portfolio: Intelligence, Curiosity, Research, Psionics

Worshipers: Anyone with a thirst for Knowledge, Power, and interest in Research to further both themselves and society as a whole.

Cleric Alignment: Any Lawful or Neutral, no Chaotic

Domains: Psionics, Metallurgy, Alchemy.

Favored Weapon: None, Silinrul prefers hand to hand combat and is a master of the martial styles.

The world is nothing more than a puzzle to be solved, for those with the intelligence to do so, and the curiosity to pursue it, the world around them can hold many fantastic things. This is the way that Silinrul views everything, another puzzle or equation to be solved, a problem for which the solution may be found. Always researching, always exploring, nothing is outside the realms of knowledge as those realms are ever expanding. He abores conventional thought and feels that it should be done away with, in replacement the world would be forced to turn to personal intelligence to learn and unravel the mysteries that conventional thought once held as taboo.

Clergy and Temples
Silinrul has a very strict view on everything that concerns his clergy, temples, or anything he ordains as holy which doesn’t constitute much. His Temples, though he abores conventional thought, are oddly symmetrical and large. This shows a bit of Obsessiveness that his Clerics all exhibit, a pristine place for research to take shape and substance, a large enough area that people can grow without bumping into one another. This carries over into a strictness that he holds all of his followers to in standard, a blood oath that they must make to him in order to gain his favor. This oath ensures that his followers will remain in discipline in everything they do, acheiving, or at least striving for, perfection in everything they do.

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Silinrul Vlosdrathir

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