Goddess of Passion and Storms


Greater Deity
Symbol: A human and an elf in an embrace.
Alignment: CN
Portfolio:: Passion, Fertility, Beauty, Storms, Chaos
Worshippers: (In no particular order) Those who revere the raw power of nature, Bards, barbarians, druids, artists (general term), lovers, mourners, Mothers.
Cleric Alignment: N (Druids only), CG, CN, CE.
Domains: Charm, Air, Water, Fire, Chaos.
Favored Weapon: The Storm’s Crack (a steel whip enchanted to make deafening sounds when swung)



Nature’s destructive force may be terrible and powerful, but it paves the way for a new and different life. Those whom are discontent with their own lives pray to Shaulee to wreak the same change in themselves that she wreaks in nature. Passion is to creatures what nature’s wrath is to the world. It is the cure for doubt: Passion leads to action that leads to either great achievements or clarity for great change. Laws and rules make the breaking of them all the more exciting. Thus, a life lived with passion and spur-of-the-moment opportunity is more fulfilling than one of restraint and regret.

Clergy and Temples

Shaulee believes less in organized worship than worship in the moments of life’s passion. A musical piece performed in her honor, a moan to her in the height of ecstasy, a sobbing plea in the throes of despair, the thankful whispers from parents of a new-born child, a laughing praise of excitement to someone watching a storm: these she draws power from. She encourages all people to wear her symbol, or to keep a figurine of her form by one’s bedside. Those that are dedicated worshippers of her tend to have Galleries, music halls, open-theatres, or even brothels with stained-glass windows of her symbol.

The Council of the Storms, as it is called, is a group of Druids, Clerics and Bards that meets irregularly, but at least once a year, to make supplication to Shaulee enact a great ritual that frequently results in either a massive storm or a great shift in the emotions of all creatures in the surrounding area.


Since the creation of the world, Change has been wrought among this universe. From the existence of Zevilasu, Change has been wrought upon the world, and it is from this passion for creation that Shaulee emerged. Though Zevilasu did not know it, his excitement and especially his desires for something new helped spawn her creation. With the emergence of many gods of Balance and Law in this world of Wytwild’s, perhaps it was Zevilasu’s own subconscious need for more agents of the Chaos of the world that rose to her birth.

Shaulee occasionally remembers her mortal life: a young woman, unhappy that she was not the sole object of her lover’s affection wrought her anger upon the man whom had done so, and left, leaving her life behind to work her life as a schoolteacher far, far away. She began her life anew, making her passion and desire for marriage and to have children into one that could benefit others’ children. Every afternoon, after she’d sent her schoolchildren away, she would hike up to a mountain and she would sing as she walked. When she reached the top she would cry or scream her rage and anger, or make pictures of her lost lover and burn them down while shouting curses all the while.

One day as she was burning a portrait on the wooded peak of a hill overlooking the town, She noticed a young couple was hiking the trail, and they were bickering in the manner she had done ever so many years ago. And that young woman looked SO much like the woman whom had stolen her lover! She wondered, then, if her fury and anger was overdramatic. She didn’t pause for long: unable to stand the juxtaposition of these two people with the burning effigy of her past, she seized hold of a curved branch from a tree, ripped it free, and beat the bickering lovers to a bloody pulp, exalting in her rage and anger, feeling its cathartic release fill her with a sense of peace. Meanwhile, the forested mountain slowly caught fire. Unable to stop the spreading flames, Shaulee went to escape the woods, but all around her, the flames enveloped the ground, blocking her path. Her sense of peace suspended, Shaulee’s emotions flooded her yet again, and, with tears in her eyes, blood on her hands, and fury in her heart, she screamed defiance at the fires that crept closer to consume her.

As Shaulee writhed in agony, a benevolent god took her burning body, and banishing it from her world, restored her life, and gave her emotions the weight of a Gods’ with the promise that she would be true to herself and to not make too many enemies.


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