Ambition and Want given form.


Greater Deity

Symbol: A glowing eye on a black background
Alignment: N
Portfolio: Ambition, Cunning, Perseverance
Worshipers: The Ambitious, the Cunning, and those seeking greatness
Cleric Alignment: Any
Domains: Fire, Creativity, Cunning, Crafts
Favored Weapon: Cutlass(Flaming)

Majorian is ambition in his essence, and cunning is his acts. He desires and wants for much and is willing to take it, but he is patient and crafty in his aims and often times acts in strange or unexpected ways so as to remain unknowable to his rivals. He is the patron of mortals with great ambitions, or those that are particularly crafty. He has been known to take particular interest in individual mortals who he finds to be accomplishing great aims, and has been known to send trials towards then to not only test them, but forge them stronger so that they may accomplish even greater things. He cares little for whatever they are trying, or hoping to accomplish, and is more interested in the personal mettle of the ones involved. He desires and wants many things and can respect the same quality in others.

Clergy and Temples:
Majorians relationship with his clergy can be complicated at times. While he has no misgivings about the act in itself, one living only to venerate him often times accomplishes very little and as such gives him little interest in such individuals. However, he can see the benefit of having an organized group of followers and as such he does promote it but allows mortals to invent their own ways of worship and as such worship of him can vary widely from place to place. His clergy often meet at the setting of the sun, allowing for the business of the day to be finished beforehand, in whatever location is best suited to their practices. His favored worshipers however are those that seek to emulate his great ambition, want for more, and attempt to accomplish whatever goals they set for themselves.

Information on Majorian’s past is exceedingly rare, and whatever is said about him often conflicts with many different sources. Never has it been recorded that Majorian spoke of his own past personally, and it is unlikely that he will do so in the future.



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