Titles: Master of Chains
Greater Deity
Symbol: An unbroken chain woven so that there are 3 vertical and 4 horizontal segments.
Alignment: LE
Portfolio: Chains, tyranny, control, strength
Worshipers: tyrants, slavedrivers, slaves
Cleric Alignment: LE, LN
Domains: Law, Strength
Favored Weapon: Spiked Chain
All power stems from control. Just as the strength of the body comes from precisely controlled movement, and strength of mind is brought forth by years of discipline, your strength comes from your control of those around you. Bind the weak to your will, forging their chains so they may become strong enough to serve your will.
Clergy and Temples
Those who serve Lanac understand that they are weak and bind themselves to him for strength. He cares little for prayer and meditation, believing the time would be better spent deliberating the various ways to bend others to one’s will.
While Lanac supports slavery as a means of control, he despises the use of them as gladiators or pleasure slaves, as these uses are entirely destructive, and do not strengthen the slaves or their master.
Lanac has no holy days, as servants should not celebrate with the Master.


Lanac is all that remains of an old dead world, torn apart by countless wars and plagues caused by a pantheon of five who took to the world as a game. The gods ran rampant, caring not for the world they had been born into, rising as new beings from the graves of their parents, the long dead gods who had shaped the world. Within a decade of their birth, they had leveled every city, forcing the surviving populace into the wilderness. Having no more buildings for target practice, the gods took to hunting anything that moved, taking great sport in hunting the formerly civilized beings.
Lanac was not one of these gods; he was a primordial, a being created to repair the world’s damage, dwelling in the heart of the earth having been chained there by the ancient gods before they died. Normally, he worked slowly, gradually filling in scars left by earthquakes and volcanoes. The world now was being destroyed much faster than he could fix it. As he couldn’t leave the cell the old gods had placed him in, he turned the world inside out, bringing all known creation into his cell, bringing with it the five gods. Even though they were descendents of the gods who had bound Lanac, they were nowhere near as powerful. He quickly dispatched them and stole their divine essence, using it to break the chain he had striven to escape since he had been chained. Upon breaking it, the world ceased to exist, no longer supported by a divine force.
Lanac survived only because the chain he had broken had wrapped around his body, forming a divine shell. As he tried taking it off, it only tightened, a final curse left from the old gods to live as their eternal slave. The divine essence he had attained prevented his absolute control by beings who no longer existed, but could not tear the chains from his body. Until he can tear the chains from his body, he wanders existence in the form of a man made of iron chain.


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