The Warden


The Warden
Greater Deity
Symbol: Tiger laying curled around a tree.
Alignment: True Neutral
Portfolio: Beasts, Nature, Woodlands, Weather
Worshipers: Any who live with nature or who use the plants and animals for healing.
Cleric Alignment: Any neutral.
Domains: air, earth, fire, water, animal, plant
Favored Weapons: Quarterstaff and cudgel(club)

Balance is the essence in which nature keeps its quarter. If there is too little rain nothing can grow, too much, and the seeds are washed away. As such Kaleb believes that those who are not willing or able to live in harmony with nature will feel it’s wrath when it exacts it’s vengeance upon them.

Clergy and Temples
Although the individual clergy live mainly away from society they do have shrines in which they gather. Each shrine is made from material from the surrounding environment so each is unique to the area it is found. Each shrine has a tiger guardian to watch over any worshipers or clergy that are in the territory the shrine occupies.

The clergy of Kaleb tend to the plants and animals of the places in which they live, watching over and guarding them from unnatural disasters or corruption. They also often help lost travelers to find their way and provide medicinal help if needed. As such druids and rangers are his primary worshipers. They teach natural medicine to those who are willing to learn, and keep watch for those who would be excellent additions to the clergy.

Kaleb was always a humble man, never bothered anyone, and tried to help when he could. He was a priest of a deity that saw to the well being of the plants and animals of his domain, and defended them with the primal force of the elements. While Kaleb was tending to the leg of a faun, he saw a bright light in the sky that wasn’t the sun. He watched as the light came down under the tree tops and came within feet of where he was standing, and before he could react it had encircled him, blinding him and filled him with a power he could not describe. He blinked his eyes a few times trying to regain his sight, and when he did he couldn’t understand what he was seeing, or exactly how he was seeing it. A fledgling world had just been created, but how he knew that he couldn’t guess. He noticed he wasn’t the only one to have been summoned, as he more felt the presence of the others than saw them.

As he looked over the new world he decided to continue the work that he had began on his old home, and bring some stability and natural beauty to this lush and vibrant new world.


After the containment of the vile mushroom was completed Kaleb grew more attached to the race of tiger morphs he had created. Seeking to fully imerse himself in this new world he has taken the form of one of the panthera, a white tiger patterned male with eyes of molten silver.


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