The spore of stagnation


The Spore of Stagnation
Greater Deity
Symbol: A mushroom with a half-opened eye
Alignment: NE
Portfolio: Stagnation, Disease, Hedonism, Idiocy
Worshipers: Hedonists, Barbarians, Monsters, The Elite
Cleric Alignment: Any neutral or evil
Domains: Pestilence, Swamps, Mushrooms, Poisons
Favored Weapon: Poisons

Slow down, stop worrying, take a rest, forget, sleep. Things are fine the way they are. Don’t worry about other people. If no one bothers anyone else things are at peace. Peace is good. Empty your mind and relax your tired body in a nice bath. Stay in that water; let it stagnate to your perfect body temperature. Stay there until mushrooms start to grow on you. If anyone tries to stop this peace then don’t climb out of the bath and worry about them. Let them inhale the spores and die.

Clergy and Temples
Followers of Fervus are those that enjoy being stupid. They free their minds but not in any traditionally positive sense. They love to gorge themselves on the hallucinogens that Fervus has sprinkled all over the world. When the followers are not emptying their minds they are busy pleasuring their bodies. Sex, gluttony and, all manners of physical pleasures are common among Fervus followers. Only when they do not require work however. Fervus cultists love to be waited on and when they don’t have servants they do the minimum amount of work needed to gain pleasures.

The clerics of Fervus resemble the homeless and the hermits that live in the woods. Their only real duty is to help spread poisons and drugs among those that are disturbing peace. Make everyone lazy and bring everyone joy. When others make it impossible for followers to enjoy their peace however, Fervus cultists sometimes form barbarian tribes to defend each other from the outside world. War brings pain however so the cultists more often than not simply pray for a plague or other misfortune to befall the heretics. Their Goddess usually answers. If the followers must do any work themselves they avoid direct conflict as much as possible. Poison the water supply, salt the earth and, burn all the books. Destroy the foundation of the civilized societies and let nature handle the rest.

Fervus doesn’t remember anything before someone woke her up but she does know she wants to go back to sleep. Fervus was picked out of the ground like a common mushroom by some being trying to clear the land for some project. Fervus opened her one eye and all the light and noise around Fervus upset her deeply. Fervus let out a deep sigh and with it a fog of toxic gas. All of a sudden, all the noise in the area went away. Instead of moving objects there were large mushrooms littered everywhere. This pleased Fervus greatly. Fervus tried to close her eye again but then there was more noise somewhere else. Fervus just wants everything to stop. Fervus wants to go back to sleep. If things won’t stop on their own then she’ll have to force them to.



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